Sick of pop-ups? Worried about your privacy? Computer acting weird?

UberNerd can help by using the latest software techniques to get your computer clean and keep you protected into the future.

Is your computer slow? 

In most cases we can speed up your system with a clean up and a light hardware upgrade. This can be much more cost effective than buying a whole new system.

Contact UberNerd for a price today.

Computer not turning on? Laptop screen broken? Broken keyboard? Whatever it is we can help you source new or second hand replacement hardware for your system to get it back in working order.

Many operating systems are in extended support phases which means they no longer receive important updates to protect your computer from threats online.

Windows 7 has been in extended support status since 2015. Windows 8/8.1 are also in extended support status. On Mac, Apple only supports it’s OS for 2 years after release.

UberNerd can upgrade your system to the latest OS version to keep your system stable and safe.

Having trouble with new hardware? PC locking up when connecting a device? Peripherals aren’t working how they should be? 
We can make sure your system has the latest drivers so it is running as fast and stable as possible.

Worried you have lost your data from a hard drive crash, corrupted SD card or other media? Many times the data is still recoverable.

We can use advanced software techniques to retrieve most data. 

Disposing of old systems and drives is very important to ensure your sensitive information does not get into the wrong hands. We can low level format and mechanically destroy your disks for you.

Not sure what is going on? Let us come and have a look.


UberNerd have been building PCs for the past 15 years. The first step to any PC build is to understand the customers requirements for their machine. There is not use in adding a gaming graphics card or massive amounts of storage to a business machine. Just as there is no use for a 100% Adobe RGB monitor on a Gaming PC.

Each computer is as individual as the customer requirements and UberNerd can specify and build a system to suit your needs including all the required software.

Selecting the right laptop for the user is very important. New advances in processor technology have generated new segments of laptops like ultrabooks for low power consumption, light weigh and long battery life. We also have desktop replacement laptops that can keep up with modern desktops.

UberNerd can help steer you in the right direction and get you set up with your new machine.

Both Businesses and Home users alike can benefit from network attached storage solutions to keep their files and backups in one central location. UberNerd can specify and setup network attached storage solutions that can scale for any use case.

Are you prepared in case of a disaster? 

UberNerd can provide you with the latest in on-site and off-site backup solutions to keep your data safe.

With high speed broadband connected to many homes and businesses, it is important to have the correct equipment for local and internet connectivity. Maximizing speed and protecting your site with a firewall are essential to productivity and uptime.

UberNerd can identify bottlenecks and security holes in you systems.

UberNerd can specify, build, and maintain servers for small and medium businesses. Harnessing the combination of onsite and cloud technologies for your company.

Have a technology idea but not sure how to implement it? UberNerd can provide the consultation and implementation skills to bring your idea to life.


Online presence is vitally important to help customers find and understand your business. 

UberNerd can build you a website, integrate social media and general Search Engine Optimization techniques.

UberNerd can also build more customized platforms such a eCommerce, Online Courses, Business Profiles, Galleries, etc. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.

Go to our Portfolio to have a look at examples of our work.

UberNerd can provide customized web hosting solutions for your site.
We keep all the back end up to date and regularly backup your content so you don’t have to worry. Prices start at $150.00 per year.

UberNerds branding partner Blanko is our recommended provider of high quality visual design.


At UberNerd we strive to be helpful and friendly. We can explain computer fundamentals using plain English. If you need help using you system we can visit on site and get you up to speed.

Wan’t to be able to edit your own website? UberNerd can guide you through the editing process allowing you to customize your content and keep your sit up to date.


Having trouble updating your hardware with the latest OS? Let UberNerd help to keep your device fast, secure and stable.

Knowing which apps are safe and which best fit your uses can be hard. there are literally hundreds of thousands to choose from. UberNerd can set you up with the latest applications to make your mobile life as easy as possible.

Having trouble getting email on your device? Have an app that isn’t working right? Let UberNerd find the solution.

Don’t let someone else get your sensitive information.

UberNerd can make sure your old device is completely wiped and can dispose of it for you in an environmentally friendly way.


Want to get the best bang for your buck? UberNerd consultation can help you chose the best equipment for your entertainment. We can also help wire the system up and guide you through using it.

Get into the world of video on demand.

UberNerd can set up your equipment to connect to the latest video streaming services. We can also provide equipment to turn any TV into a smart TV.

Do you want to get the most out of your audio gear? Find out the benefits of a linear audio response. UberNerd can provide the hardware and calibration to enhance your listening experience.


Want to learn how Google Home or Amazon Echo can fit into your life? Interested in home lighting control?

UberNerd can fit out your home with the latest equipment designed to augment your lifestyle.

UberNerd does zero commission online ordering systems for takeaway and/or delivery establishments. Ordering can be done through your website, mobile app and even facebook!

Our system uses a tablet on site for order review and confirmation and then prints the order to a thermal printer making the system POS agnostic. All orders are deposited next day using the stripe online payment system. COD and COP accepted too.

Easily set up online promotions, coupons and meal deals to promote online and keep user retention high.


If you can plug it in UberNerd can help.

Contact UberNerd today to find out more.