Restaurant Online Ordering Solutions

Zero commission online ordering for your food establishment

UberNerd specialises in online food ordering systems that bring real value to our customers.
Unlike competing platforms, UberNerd online ordering:
- Charges zero commission
- Transfers funds next business day
- Has a very reasonable setup cost
- Has a very low monthly cost

We at UberNerd have worked in the food industry and understand that keeping overheads as low as possible is key to running a profitable business. This is why we know our platform is providing our customers with the best and most economical solution.

Features include:
- Ordering through your website, facebook, and a free mobile app
- POS system agnostic
- Pickup and/or delivery support
- Customisable fulfilment time once order is processed
- Customer payment online, card or cash
- Easy metrics viewing including sales channels, item totals, delivery heatmaps and much more
- Easy to use promotional codes and combo deals
- Table reservation through your website
- And much more

Elegantly simple to use, never miss an order

The onsite hardware for the UberNerd online ordering system is a tablet and a network printer.

The tablet runs the restaurant application which audibly notifies staff when an order is placed. The staff member must acknowledge the order within 3 minutes and provide a estimated fulfilment time. Once completed the order is printed and that's it! Now your team can get back to what they do best, making brilliant food.

Premium optional features available:
- Personalised branded mobile application
- Sales optimised website design
- Advanced promotional marketing
- Delivery tracking
- POS integration

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